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Thought for the Week - Summer 2023

What does joy look like to







We used this week’s theme to discuss what brings us joy.  Below are our ‘Top Ten’:
1.    Friends
2.    Family
3.    Pets
4.    Games
5.    Sport
6.    Books
7.    Films
8.    Being outside
9.    Ice-cream
10.    Lego



How is joy linked to love and peace?







On our petal, we wrote about what we were worried about and then wrote how God will always be with us through this to comfort us.



Pentecost is important to Christians. Can you explain
the story to your grown up? What does the story mean to you?





In Woodpeckers our worship council member, Archie, chose to make paper crowns with the class for Pentecost thought of the week.



Y1: To celebrate Pentecost our Worship Councillor, Morgan, decided we were going to make crowns with flames on. We discussed that these reminded us of when the Holy Spirit was sent in tongues of fire to the disciples.


Year 4:


Year 2: This week in thought of the week our worship counsellor chose to make paper gyrocopters with flames on them to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit.


6S Class worship led by Zac.
Today Christians celebrate Pentecost as the birthday of the Christian Church. It is the time when God first gave his power called the Holy Spirit, to the friends of Jesus.
Most Christians believe that when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, we produce the fruit of the Spirit.  

We made a tongues of fire crown and wrote on the band the actions we might show if we were trying to follow Jesus and believe that the Holy Spirit is with us.


It's important to thank God for His everlasting love, as He will never leave our side. How could you thank God for his everlasting love?





This week in Kingfishers class we wrote prayers to God to thank him for all the good things he has done for us. 


Ubuntu – an African philosophy



What difference would Ubuntu make in the playground?  Would people play differently together?

What could Ubuntu look like in our village community? How can we make an impact together?



3M took Worship for us this week in St. Barnabas.  They looked at what the word 'ubuntu' meant to them, and what it may look like around our school.


Jesus picked Andrew and Joseph to be his first
disciples. Why did he pick them to build his community with him?





Year 5 held their worship whilst on their residential in Swanage this week. The children have had some time for reflection while looking at the sea, we talked about the thought for the week and the meaning of fisher of men.

The stones making the heart shape are our memory stones. Chosen for their special shapes or colours from the beach. We have then thought about favourite memories from the week and “squeezed” them into our stones, ready to bring home.



Jesus didn’t try to do everything himself, but chose a team of people to work with him, people like Peter and James and John – his disciples. How could you show your faith in Jesus like the disciples did?



In Year 1 the theme for the week is: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

This week in worship we looked at how animals work as a team to help and support one another. We then discussed how we work as a team at school and in our classroom to help and support one another. 


The legend of St. George
explores the fighting and
overcoming of the dragon, and
reminds us of God’s care.
Who cares for you in our
school community?
Who do you care for in our
school community?



5N thought about the story of St. George and the dragon and how God has helped them to feel brave in difficult times.