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Thought for the Week - Spring 2022

How does the Easter story
show God’s love?
What should we do in response
to this message?





Woodpeckers Class have learnt a song to help them explore this week's thought of the week.


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Has there been a time where
being honest was difficult?
How did it feel when you were





This week, we discussed the arrest of Jesus in the Easter Story and Peter’s subsequent denial that he knows Jesus. We created a ‘Conscience Alley’ to enable the children to explore why Peter chose not to be honest and what he could have done differently in that situation.




What is courage?

How can we show courage?

Can we be honest and have courage?



Year 5 thought about how we can show courage in different situations.





Who is your family? Is it just those related to you? Do you show honesty to one another?
How do you show honesty?






Year 2 discussed the idea of global family, community and how we should help and support one another.  Each child then chose their own priorities for a kind and peaceful world.



Year 5 have looked at the start of Lent this week in Worship.

This week we began by learning about why we might have eaten pancakes on 1.3.22. We then discussed Lent, Ash Wednesday and came up with some of our own suggestions for things to give up for 40 days that were achievable but would also be a challenge:

Whilst we were at St. Barnabas Church on Wednesday 2nd March (to initially learn about The Eucharist), we took the opportunity to ask Rev. Nick Whitehead about Ash Wednesday and we learnt amongst other facts what the ash that they use in services on Ash Wednesday is made from (the burnt ashes from burning the palm crosses from the previous year) and why crosses are placed on people’s heads on this day.

We then decided to put our own twist on Lent by choosing to make sure that we show at least one act of kindness for the next 40 days and beyond…




How can you show patience /






Year 4 explored the theme of love and looked at what places on God's Earth are special to them.



What do you think is special
about our world?
Is there anything about our
world you would like to change?
How could our world be in
harmony and in peace?



This week Year 3 have been exploring why the world is special to them through discussion, drawing and writing.



How does a smile make you feel?

What makes you smile?






During thought for the week Year 1 looked at how a smile can make people feel at peace with one another.  Each child's smile was handed out and they had to find that smile on their friend!  Everyone agreed that smiling makes people positive, and positive people are peaceful!  They also made bunting to go outside the school railings for the community to see what peace may look like to them too.


What motivates you?
How can you succeed?
Can this always be done in a
peaceful way?





For this week's worship the children thought about things they can't do YET! We spoke things we would like to be able to do and decided that if we worked hard then we would be able to achieve our just might take a bit of time and practice. Lots of the children wanted to get better at riding their bike or scooter. The children discussed in pairs something they can't do yet and then they went off to draw something they are going to try to achieve, such as improving their use of scissors or learning to paint a unicorn. Here are some of the children's drawings...



What does peace look like?
How can we spread peace in our
community and beyond?





Year R: As a class we spoke about how peace does not mean the absence of conflict - how we can argue or fall out but peace is about finding a resolution. We looked at some scenarios of conflict e.g. both children wanting to go on a bike and then spoke about how this could be resolved e.g. using a sand timer to take turns. The children did 'freeze frames' to show the stages of peace and conflict. The children came up with their own ideas for how to make peace and resolve the conflict.



What does ‘peace be upon you’ mean to Christians?






Year 1 drew on our school playground what they thought 'peace' looked like to them.