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Thought for the Week - Autumn 2021



Why do you think Jesus said these words? Why is it our responsibility to ask/seek/knock?






“A cold coming we had of it,
Just the worst time of the year
For a journey, and such a long journey:
The ways deep and the weather sharp,
The very dead of winter.” 

Year 6 read and discussed ‘Journey of the Magi’ by T. S. Eliot, which tells the Christmas story from the point of view of the three kings. We discussed the significance of their journey to Bethlehem and their search for the stable where Jesus was born, following the star. 

These are some of the children’s responses to the poem: 

“It’s very realistic as it shows how hard it was to make that journey to find the baby Jesus.” 

“Sometimes things are not hidden in the most obvious place or the first place you’d think to look.” 

“The joy of seeing the baby Jesus makes up for the effort of the journey. They didn’t give up and it was all worth it in the end.” 

“They found the start of a new Christian era as well as the baby.” 



How do you want to make a
difference in the world?






Year 3 have been thinking about how they could make a change for the world.  Using electric cars, walking to school, not using plastic packaging, not dropping litter and plant more trees were just some of the wonderful suggestions they came up with in their discussion in worship this week.





How do you want to make a
difference in the world?










 Year 5 though about their positive attitudes and created a positive statement to share with one another.





Why do you think having a friend is important?

How do you show friendship?

Can you be a friend to someone you have never met?

How would your actions show your friendship?


Year 1 looked carefully at the thought for the week and decided what a good friend could look like in the school playground.  They drew round a member of the class and then filled the outline with all the things they would try doing so they can be a good friend to all!






What brings you joy and makesyou feel happy?

Would the same thing give
others joy?

How can we as Christians help
others to feel joy through our


In year 5 the children created a mind map of simple things and looked at the health benefits of a hug.  They also have enjoyed the library, planting and being with friends.




What is the benefit of team
work and working with others?







“Many Hands Make Light Work” - 8 Nov 2021. Year 2

We used our bulb planting activity to provide a practical activity for our class worship. Prior to going outside we discussed the huge task we had that afternoon. 600 bulbs! Could you imagine trying to plant that many on your own? How long would it take? How many hands do you have? How many on your table? How many in the class? If we use 60 hands instead of 2, will that get the job done? 

The discussion really motivated the children to work together. It wasn’t an easy job as the ground was full of roots and stones but not one child complained for the hour it took. We thought we were finished when the year 4 box appeared as they did not plant all of their bulbs. They actually cheered to so some more! 

A wonderful afternoon.




As part of our Year 2 Worship, we have been exploring the idea - ‘Many hands make light work’ with a focus on helping each other and teamwork to overcome big or difficult challenges. Here the children are completing tricky jigsaws as part of our London Landmarks work and of course everyone worked together as a community for the big bulb plant.

How can you show the school
value of charity? Do you think
charity is important? Why?






The theme for this week is: The more you give away, the more you have. Year One thought about what this meant and we decided it meant love and kindness. We then decided on ways we could show others kindness/love. Year One were keen to put these ideas into action.


Think before you speak.






This week Year 6 thought about a time when they said something unkind, then they explored what they could have thought internally to change a negative thought into a positive one, and lastly they wrote what they could have said to be kind to that person.

Why do we collect donations at
harvest time? Why do we
choose to share?





Year 2 grasped a new opportunity to taste food from around the world and reflected on the conditions needed for it to be produced and gave thanks for the harvest, the farmers and the suppliers.


What opportunities do you have
in life? At school? At home?
What are your choices






In Year R they have had a new opportunity to learn to say Grace at lunchtime…talking about the prayer table and everything on it.

How do Christians have hope
with God’s strength? When
have you had hope?






This week classes looked at the Bible story of Paul, and how God protected Paul and gave him strength in difficult situations.  The children then discussed what moments they may have been in when they needed to ask for God’s help.

What do you think will happen
if I removed a cornerstone?
How would hope change then?





During their walk to Captain Philamore's woods, Year 5 had quiet reflection time through a silent field for their worship this week.

What hopes have you for the year?







This week in Worship Year 1 discussed what the word hope meant to Christians and what it may look like.  They then looked at doves as a symbol of hope and coloured in their dove with colours of hope.


How do you want to grow personally this year?

What do you want to achieve?






Year 3 have explored how they have grown since they were babies.  On their oak trees they wrote what they have become better at throughout the years; starting from when they were a baby at the bottom of their tree to being in year 3 now at the top of their tree.