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Design and Technology is a really popular subject across the school from Year R through to Year 6. It helps the children develop problem solving skills, allows them to be creative, teaches them to evaluate their work and learn new skills with a range of equipment. Our Design and Technology curriculum gives the children the opportunity to design and make products using a range of materials including food, textiles, wood and card. Some of our units of work result in the following exciting products:

  • Y1 – a healthy fruit kebab
  • Y2 – a moving vehicle
  • Y3 – a photograph frame
  • Y4 – a fabric purse or money belt
  • Y5 – a mechanical cam toy
  • Y6 – a mechanical fairground ride with an electrical circuit

The children begin each unit by studying existing models or products and evaluating why they are successful. They then choose suitable ideas to use in their designs. They are taught the skills and techniques necessary to work safely with the tools. The children are encouraged to plan their models by drawing designs or making simple prototypes. Throughout the process they are encouraged to evaluate their work and suggest changes or improvements they can make. We have a strong ethos at school of supporting each other and evaluating the work of our peers constructively. This may involve having open sessions for other classes to visit for a celebration of work and a demonstration of working models.