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RE Curriculum

Welcome to our RE curriculum page!


Vision and approach for RE  

Following HIAS advice, we block RE every half term in order to ensure that the children have memorable experiences to help their long-term memory of RE at Swanmore Primary.  For example using artefacts, going to places of worship, using our link to the school in Ghana, or having a visitor of a certain type of faith.  Using a spiralled curriculum from Year R to Year 6 the children’s RE learning journey will incorporate the four golden threads of belonging, community, love and special.  These golden threads help the children to recall what they have previously learnt in other year groups, and link to other curriculum projects like global learning and geography.  In turn, the children become global citizens with empathy for their peers across the globe.  Whilst using Living Difference 4 (LD4) we also use Understanding Christianity (UC) and Southampton City Mission to deliver an RE curriculum full of awe and wonder, which helps the children to develop questions about faiths around the world and their own faith in the local community.

Key Concepts in RE:  


Understanding Christianity =  

 God      Fall       Salvation        Kingdom of God              Gospel               Incarnation         People of God        Creation  


Living Difference 4 =  

Christianity             Jewish traditions              Hindu traditions               Islamic traditions                 


Content and Sequencing in RE 

Through Living Difference 4 and Understanding Christianity, learning is progressive and sequenced so that knowledge is built upon each year using a spiral curriculum. Children learn about different faiths, beginning with those closest in concept to Christianity. Learning develops across the key stages as key concepts become more complex.     

Our RE curriculum is inclusive

  • Tasks are varied to support children to access the learning.
  • Real life contexts making learning clear and bringing context to life for all learners, for example visits, visitors and real-life artefacts. 
  • Spiral approach, returning to the golden threads throughout EYFS to year 6. 
Further information... 
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If you wish to read our RE policy, please go to Our School - Policies - RE policy.