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Year Groups and Curriculum

Our curriculum is crafted to not only strive for academic achievement, but to also develop creative skills and an enquiring and critical mind. Where we do not know the world children will inherit, Swanmore Church of England Primary passionately believes children who are compassionate, resilient and healthy are best placed to succeed.

Where appropriate, our learning occurs through projects which are designed to be cross curricular in nature with three key phases. The Hook is intending to ‘warm up’ and excite the children to motivate them. Within the project, the children have the opportunity for Ownership; they have the opportunity to plan and conduct their own learning. This can be to varying degrees but aims to create intrinsic motivation for the children. At a planned point the children will have work shared with a critical Audience. This aims to help provide a purpose and context to the learning, so children have a desire to engage with quality outcomes. We refer to this approach as ‘HOA’. Our 'Lets Think in English' provision offers opportunities for children to engage concepts in a way to encourage critical thinking and to challenge peers thinking in a positive manner.

There is an understanding within the project/curriculum planning how the key learning builds on previous learning and how the learning will be built on in future learning. In effect, a ‘spiral curriculum’, revisiting concepts but each time in a different and deeper way.

We believe all children should access key experiences, so alongside the academic curriculum we strive to offer opportunities to develop life experiences and opportunities for children and families. Residential experiences are a key part of the school’s approach as the ethos supports and develops children’s confidence and resilience.   

Details of our English curriculum including our Phonics, Spellings and reading schemes can be found here

Details of The National Curriculum can be found below:

The National Curriculum for England

Details of the content of our curriculum for each year group is available below.  

Swanmore Primary Autumn Term

Swanmore Primary Spring Term

Swanmore Primary Summer Term


For more  information about our curriculum, please contact the school directly. See our Contact us page for details.

Visit our Year Groups to look at some of our work, find out what we will be learning about this year and find games and links related to our topics by clicking below or use the menu on the right.