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History and Geography will often be used as a vehicle for linked topic units. For instance, a local study of Swanmore will incorporate aspects of both the history and geography schemes of work. ICT is used by children throughout the school both to enquire into the past and to communicate knowledge and understanding. Special theme days (e.g. Victorian Day, Invaders Day) are held in both Key Stages incorporating a range of enjoyable activities as well as a chance to dress up!

In Key Stage One children develop an awareness of the past by using a range of sources of information, e.g. stories, photographs, family history, visits. They begin to place events and objects in chronological order and identify differences between them. They study the lives of people and significant events in Britain and the wider world.

In Key Stage Two children develop their knowledge and historical understanding through the study of periods of British history and Ancient Civilisations in other parts of the world. They begin to make links between events and describe changes over time and between the societies studied. A variety of sources of information, including written materials, are used, compared and evaluated for bias and effectiveness. Independent study is encouraged through occasional homework including longer term projects.