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Taps - 24/01/22

This is Year 4's Enterprise project. They made a variety of Christmas decorations such as, lolly-pop reindeer, wool covered Christmas trees, tree angels, robin cards and reindeer food. The children created all of these things each and got to take home a pack of their decorations. The children were given a breakdown of the costs to make the items and the profit they would make from different amounts of money donated.  The children then asked parents to donate an amount they felt comfortable with. We aimed to raise enough money for two toilets (£120). 

The children raised £126 in total. We then discussed possible twinning locations and what we could buy (either two taps or two toilets or put towards a larger project). The children chose two taps for Uganda. Here are some of their reasons why: Children have to work miles to get water they can't even drink (it is often contaminated). They are missing 20% of their education each day because they have to go get water. 

The children were very excited to receive their framed pictures. 

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