FOSPS - Gifts For Men!

Gifts for the Men.... Agh - We're a little bit short of them!

Hello all. Firstly thanks so much for providing so many fabulous gifts for the upcoming school Christmas Gift Sale.
Now we've had a good sort through however, it seems we're a bit short of gifts for men - so it would be absolutely brilliant if you anyone could provide further gift donations of the male variety.
No-one wants Dad, Gramps or Uncle Derek to feel sad on Christmas Day when he gets given a set of glittery hair slides (or worse - nothing at all) so if you could come up with something suitable and hand it into the school office in the next week or so we'd be hugely grateful. (The Sale is the 7th December). Wacky ideas are always welcome but please no nuts... or alcohol (we can't legally sell booze to the children - even for 50p!)
Best Wishes and Thanks - as always
The FOSPS Committee