Plans in case of snow!


As the weather is set to turn colder and we are hearing predictions that snow may be on the way, I thought it might be timely to provide a reminder of the arrangements for informing parents whether or not the school will be closing in such circumstances.

 A decision about whether or not to close the school in the event of snow is always based on whether enough of the staff are able to safely travel to school to make opening feasible. 

We may need to open the school with a reduced number of staff and make attendance optional.   In this case we would ask that children bring in wellington boots in addition to school shoes and a change of clothes.  A packed lunch would also be needed.

 We always try to inform parents of our decision as soon as possible.  The decision will be posted on the Hampshire School Closures web page (link below). 

I would advise parents to add this link to their favourites. 

We may add further information on our own school website but the link below should be parents’ first port of call.