School Closed - Friday, 2nd March 2018

I wanted to thank you for your support and understanding following the decision to close the school today, this afternoon has certainly demonstrated it was the correct decision to make! Thank you too to families that appreciated the early decision and it being for the day, as it helped their planning and saved a return trip in the middle of the day.


In this vain I thought I would contact you now as I have decided about tomorrow. Having seen the Hampshire and Met office advice that the weather is to freeze over night and then have more snow, we will be CLOSED tomorrow. I am very grateful to the vast majority of families that understand that whilst this is hugely inconvenient for everyone, it is based on the safety of families and staff.


The weather is set to improve over the weekend, so I envisage us being back in school Monday. Thank you again for your support, have a good and safe weekend.  

John Paterson