Snow Plans

There is a possibility of snow at the end of the week so I wanted to explain how we will run should that occur.


If the school is shut because of the snow, please do not phone the school to find out as this blocks the line. We will put a message up on the website, Twitter and Facebook for you as early as possible, generally by 7.30am. This will be followed up with a ParentMail.


Should the school be open and there be snow on the ground, it is likely the staff will want to take the children outside to enjoy it. Therefore, please send your children in with a complete change of clothes (including underwear) with the relevant wet weather clothing. If the children come without this it is possible they will not be allowed out as we do not want the children to be cold/wet for the day.


We are likely to try and clear paths and the playground, so if anyone has some time on a snowy day to come and help, please do wrap up and bring a spade along and join in! We will meet on the playground at the beginning of the school day.  


J Paterson