Possible Flu Outbreak in School

There appears to be a possible flu (influenza) outbreak in school – particularly in Year 1.

If your child has flu like symptoms you must not send your child to school and they should not return until they are symptom free.  Please note – if your children are ill it will be authorised absence.

The following information has been circulated to schools to share with parents:

Symptoms and signs of flu-like illness include:

  • Fever of 37.8˚C (which usually start suddenly and can last for 3-4 days)
  • PLUS one or more of:

- Dry cough

- Headaches

- Chills

- General muscle aches and pains

- Runny nose or congestion

- Sneezing

- Sore throat

- Wheezing

- Some children may also feel sick (nausea) or have diarrhoea


Good hand hygiene is important to stop the spread of the virus.

People are advised to:

• Wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water and drying them after using the toilet, before preparing food and eating

• Not rely on alcohol gels as these do not kill the virus


Norovirus - diarrhoea and/or vomiting

If you child is suffering from diarrhoea and/or vomiting please ensure your child does not return to school 48 hours after any symptoms have ceased.


Notification of Contagious illnesses

We have a child undergoing chemo therapy so please do notify us of any contagious illnesses such as chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc. so we are able to inform the family.

If you have any concerns or questions, please let me know.

John Paterson