Thank you for Fireworks Event!

Thank you for Fireworks Event

Dear Parents

I wanted to write thank everyone for their support with the fireworks on Friday. I am again so proud of our school as we all pulled together to create a wonderful evening for children, families and the wider community. I was stopped on more than one occasion to say not only what a brilliant event it was but also how wonderful it was that the entry cost remained accessible for families, when so many events are becoming more expensive. I was also told the fireworks were better than Portsmouth City's, so it was lovely to see how appreciated our efforts are.

A huge thanks needs to go to FOSPS, without their hard work, we would not be able to run such large events. There is so much work that takes place behind the scenes it is tremendous that families are so committed to the school and children. So thank you FOSPS, we all really appreciate what you do for the children. I would also like to say thank you to the staff and governors for their support and commitment to the school. It was lovely to see so many of their families enjoying the event too. Of course I want to thank you as families for coming and enjoying the event and supporting the school too, the atmosphere was brilliant, without your support we would not have the wonderful school we do.

At the beginning of the Spring term we are due to refurbish the two Year 2 classrooms and this has been made possible through the great work of FOSPS and your support, so thank you. We have worked hard to secure additional funding to achieve the improvements for better access and learning spaces and FOSPS help to realise these developments. With 47 days until Christmas, on with the planning for the 50p sale, performances and Carols Round the Tree!

Again, thank you for helping to make our school the special place that it is, and one that provides such excellent opportunities for the children.

Yours sincerely

J Paterson